Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Out of Control?

I had a stupid dream a week or so ago. Can't seem to shake it, so I'll share it here in hopes of purging it from my pea brain. The gist of it is . . . and this is really stupid, so be forewarned . . . I was in class with a bunch of my choir guys. They would not cooperate - had to ask them each individually to stand up to rehearse, etc. The next thing I know they are in a back room (instead of in rehearsal) playing lacrosse with my tiki torches. I do not know WHY the tiki torches were at school, so do not ask. I asked them to stop. They said, "Oh Doc, why not - we won't hurt anything." At which point I proceeded to cry, sob actually, and picked up the phone to call the principal and tell him I was totally incapable of controlling my class. Sobbing to the point that I was making whimpering noises in my sleep, and the Frau had to (mercifully) wake me from my torture. Any interpreters out there? By the way, I've never played lacrosse in my life, and don't know the first rule about it (except that I think you are NOT supposed to play it with tiki torches).

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