Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hide and Seek

I hereby confess a guilty pleasure (and semi-aerobic activity). I frequently find myself playing hide and seek with the dog. For those of you who remember Max, this was his favorite game, and was MUCH more aerobic than playing with the Puppinator (aka Arnie). Arnie is still a novice, and seems to be not quite sure whether he should be having fun or be scared. When he's scared, he piddles, so I try not to press the issue. He's only 3-1/2, and Max romped with me well into his 15th year, so there's still hope for a bit more fun in our frolic. Dear God above, I hope I'm not the only fool who does this with their 4-legged child . . . Natey?!

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  1. oh lord, no. Hide and seek is a staple around here, along with tug-o-war, and a game I affectionally call "whose yo daddy" which is sort of like wrestling, but the idea is to get just hover over one of the dogs and get lower to the ground until she submits to my supreme authority, at which time she is awarded with a kiss. then there's "bird" and "bone" and "Dance, Dance Revolution." But Abigail's favorite game is "Go," which is essentially Abigail doing laps around the apartment at roughly the speed of sound, while I am on the living room floor on my hands and knees, pounding on the ground chanting "GO! GO! GO! GO!" At the End, Abigail does a running leap onto the couch, and I come in for kiss, then we both look at each other in anticipation before I start chanting "GO!" which is Abigail's cue to take a flying leap off the couch for another 6 or 7 laps.

    And some day, ask me to go through some of the amazing songs I've composed for my pups. Truly stunning.

    Incidentally, when Maisy was in obedience camp, our instructor actually recommended Hide and Seek, as an excellent way to get your dog in the habit of staying close by instead of wandering into trouble. So see, you're actually improving your pup's social skills!