Friday, March 09, 2007

Please Read . . .

. . . my new favorite book by Jeannette Walls entitled, The Glass Castle. It is hardly your standard memoir. It hooks you from the very beginning, and reverberates within long after you finish the written text. I couldn't shake its hold on me for many days, and continue to wonder to what lengths people (especially my students) will go to conceal their true circumstances, or how much people have actually overcome (or denied) in their lives just to find "normal."

I'll do the book an injustice if I try to describe it in more detail. You will do yourself an injustice if you don't read it.
Frausims, III

The Frau came home from work and a training on enhancing communication in the workplace . . .

C - How was the training?
F - Actually, very interesting, and I swear I felt like I had just been having a conversation with you.
C - Really? How is that?
F - Well, we talked about how you have to communicate differently to people of this generation than ours. These kids don't like to use the phone except to "text" and they'd rather communicate with their friends on "Your Face."
C - You mean "My Space."
F - No. I mean YOUR - FACE.
C - You mean "Face Book."
F - Oh, I guess that's it - whatever they call it.

The woman makes me laugh until my bladder sends out an SOS. Which reminds me of another worthy comment from the Frau: "I hate it. I bump into the wall, and then I pee."

Growing up - growing older - it's all fun.