Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Common Ground

"So tell me, what are you scared of that is not already happening basically everywhere? This isn't a Trump problem, this is a people problem. Y'all need to reevaluate your own selves..
Maybe America is a little too scared and a little too easily offended."

"I voted based on protecting our future and for my husband and my children and grandchildren."

You. Your. Y’all. Me. My.

Not We. Never We. Our. Us.

Black. White. Never Gray.

Families accusing, ridiculing, minimizing.  Reasoning, but not listening.

WE are in this TOGETHER. This world, this country, this community, this humanity.

It feels like we are living together in pockets of disparate groups who can’t wait for the other shoe to drop so we can say, “See . . . I told you this would happen . . .” – whether that be positive or disastrous.

I’m preaching this to myself . . . Put as much (or more) effort in trying to BE “the change” as I have in trying to convince others (who have no interest in being convinced) TO change their vote, their minds, their opinions.

Fear and anger began the moment we stopped seeking – or caring to seek – common ground.

For those of us who feel we have no need to fear, I sincerely hope you are right. I hope we find common ground among us. And I pray that the world is a safe place for OUR children and grandchildren – that they won’t be afraid to tell us they are gay, or have fallen in love with a Muslim, or want to shatter a few glass ceilings. THAT is how we “protect” their future.

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