Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jolly? Fat People . . .

I'm not an unhappy fat person.  Just an uncomfortable one.  I'd like to be able to bend over without my stomach getting in the way, cross my legs comfortably, not have to work up a sweat to buckle my seat belt on the airplane - you know, simple pleasures.

Like many overweight people, I have struggled with the scale most of my life, tried and been successful with almost every diet known to humankind, and then cosmically gained every pound back - plus a few bonus "ounces."  I've walked, run, cycled, gone to therapy, worked out, "trained," toned up, firmed up, and flabbed right back out.  I would simply like to find a normal, healthy eating plan that I can stick with for life, incorporate some regular physical activity, and let my body find the weight it wants to be, and start enjoying the aforementioned simple pleasures. Is this asking too much?

I've sworn off "diets," because I spend too much time looking forward to "the end" of said program. Danger Will Robinson.  So, I decided that perhaps it was time to try a completely different approach.  All week long I have girded myself up to attend a local meeting of Overaters Anonymous.  Saturday, LMH, 10:00 a.m.  I went to bed last night saying - "I will not wake up and find an excuse not to go."  I woke up this morning, with my will to go still intact.  And a strong craving for a Munchers cream cheese donut.  Then it started to pour down rain, lots of thunder and lightening, Frau is out of town, perfect kind of day to curl up in the recliner with the dog and a good book or computer and not leave the house.  I almost caved - but no, I held firm.  And figured I could get what might become "the last donut" on the way to the meeting.

Proud of myself for heading out in a downpour, and anticipating being motivated to radically change my eating lifestyle after the meeting, I stopped and got not one, but two donuts, made an extra trip around the hospital to finish them, parked, checked my face and shirt for tell tale sugar crumbs, went inside and unashamedly asked the nice volunteer at the help desk where the Overaters Anonymous meeting met.  Didn't even whisper or call it OA.

Guess who wasn't on the schedule to meet today?

Now I'm a disappointed, uncomfortable fat person - just weighting around . . .


  1. Oh, Cindy... I woke up this morning to similar circumstances: rain, Scott's out of town, lazy Saturday ahead. I got in my car and drove to The Donut Professor in order to 'sample a local joint'. I figured it was my duty as a new resident, right? As I pulled up to the store (filled with self-loathing angst), I noticed there was a loooooooong line of people standing in line.

    So I drove off.

    Admirable? Not in the least! Not only did I not 'not choose' to eat a donut for breakfast on my own, I was also too lazy to stand in a long line to get it.


    Bravo for your initiative! But oh...asking it all out loud and all - and then they weren't meeting? Yikes! Surely you burned a few calories in the get-up-and-going process of it all. Surely.

  2. Ah, greta - I love friends like you who find the burnt calorie in it all! Hoping the transition and ten-day trauma are good for you in the long run. Take care.