Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back in the Saddle . . . Again

I'm back.  I've been feeling a need to write, and I'm tired of the voice nagging me to start blogging again.  Alright, already.  (Truly, I had no idea I had been away for so long.)  And I'm also going to try to follow more carefully the blogs you see to the right - some old favorites, and some new friends - all of which I recommend.  So, a few varied thoughts follow - just to get me back in the saddle . . . again.


For me, this time of year is New Year's.  I have and always will, I suppose, operate on an academic calendar.  It is just the way I'm wired.   Every school year begins with me wanting to try something new - some new "hook" that will motivate students to take an active part in their learning and not just sit back waiting to "receive."  A former student and Facebook friend posted the following this morning, and I think the fourth statement nicely verbalizes my focus/obsession for this new year:

Give me a sticker and I will do my very best for a few minutes.
Give me a warm smile and I will do my very best for a little while.
Give me encouragement and I will do my very best for a long while.
Give me the experiences that help me believe in myself and I will do my very best forever.

Let's see if it works.


I have found myself doing a lot of leisure reading on the boat this summer, and almost all of it has revolved around strong female law enforcement mysteries.  If the genre appeals to you at all, I recommend Linda Rodriguez' Every Last Secret, Sally Shield's blog, and a series of novels that take place in an Amish community by Linda Castillo (Sworn to Silence, Pray for Silence, and Breaking Silence).  Links to Linda's and Sally's blogs are on my list to the right.


In the last few months I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ron Holt, a psychiatrist who volunteers much of his life to the cause of educating about human sexuality, teen suicide prevention (particularly as it relates to the LGBT community), and bullying.   If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, I can't recommend him highly enough.  A link to his website is in my list to the right, and I'll be talking more about his message in a future post.  I have also posted several of his resources on my Pinterest Board entitled "Love Your Neighbor."


Church.   Lots of thoughts about church of late.  None of them definitive.   Look for posts on this topic, and while you wait, read I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Christian . . . and I Liked Him Better Then by Rubel Shelly.


Horse is saddled up.  I plan to take some trips on these and other topics very soon.  Pass the word.

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  1. Cinzia, first off thanks for reading, commenting and linking to my blog. As I mentioned in one of my early posts, I too have read the book by Linda Rodriguez, " Every Last Secret" and the three books by Linda Castillo. As a matter a fact reading those got me stated doing my blog. I think someday I want to write a book.

    So you are a teacher. At times I wish I had gone into teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the police training classes I have conducted. I really liked that saying or poem you have in today's post about students wanting to learn versus being fed and rewarded to learn.

    I will continue to keep reading your blog when I have a chance.

    Sally S