Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Indulging the Inner Child

Well, the Frau and I bought those iPhones last week. My inner child has been alternately playing and jumping for joy. Thus, the lack of "bloggage." Now the external adult must get back to work . . . :-)

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  1. We got ours too! okay, we got them a long time ago. I think we managed to hold about for about two weeks from the release date. I've been holding out for one since my Palm V died in about 2002. Not only did I not replace my palm, but I kept the same crappy, free flip phone for 3.5 years--even though it pretty much stopped making calls, or turning on most of the time--because I didn't want to get into another contract so I'd be a free man when Apple finally released a phone. Yeah, I'm that hardcore.

    I'm so hardcore I didn't even get upset about the price drop that all the other early adopters cried in their soup over. But I suppose that's because when the issued the store credit, I suddenly had a lot of money to spend at the Apple store that amy would never have normally let me spend there.

    so. yeah. Anyway. I. Love. My. Iphone.