Monday, October 01, 2007

But Was the FOOD good?
Over lunch yesterday, the Frau and I were continuing a discussion that started in the Pastor's "Inquirer Class" at our new church. The topic of denominational "labeling" has been a prominent theme for the past few weeks, and several in the class have come from different faith backgrounds other than Baptist (American, Southern, or Rebel varieties). That prompted the Frau to float back down her Presbyterian memory lane over her 8 oz. of salad vegetables and 4 oz of protein (the new diet . . . ahem, new "healthy eating lifestyle" continues). When she was married to Herr Husband #2, they were quite active in the Presbyterian church, and she was even made a deacon in their congregation. But Herr Hubby #2 (henceforth known as HH2) was looking for some "looser" clothes between church services, and they started attending mid-week meetings of a what sounded to me like a charismatic non-denominational group. Apparently, HH2 loved these meetings (there was one for couples, men, and women), and the Frau went along to the couples' group with him, and occasionally to the "Women Aglow" luncheons. As only the Frau can state it, "It was crazy. They were slaying people all over the place, and other people were speaking in all kinds of tongues. I didn't get it, but [HH2] loved it. He was even slain once. I would sit up front so I could just sit there and watch it all. I didn't understand it." (pause) "But the food was good."
Of the Women Aglow luncheons, she said, "The ladies weren't quite as strange as the couples group. They even had some good topics to discuss, and they sang a lot and waved their hands. I didn't quite get into that either. AND, I had to wear a DRESS! I was always ruining a pair of pantyhose from all the swaying with the singing." (pause) "But the food was good there, too." Definitely not a Presbyterian group . . .

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