Friday, June 22, 2007

Bumper Sticker Spirituality (aka BS)

Perhaps I've just gotten too cynical. The Frau suggests that some people are just trying to make things more "real" - "normal" - "everyday" - etc. for the uninitiated - even if it borders on triviality. I don't know - we hu-mans don't always do so well with our real, normal, everyday relationships, so I'm not sure I want to trivialize my spiritual relationship quite to that level. Thus, my abhorrance of what I fondly refer to as "Jesus is my boyfriend" music. I don't mind contemporary Christian music with lyrics that have some depth and integrity - just don't like the sappy, simpleminded stuff. Ok - this is chasing a rabbit I had no intention of chasing at this point. All I wanted to point out is some of the more notable BS I've observed of late.

Nothing will ever quite top the infamous sign, which was placed among a host of other political signs on a street corner in a small central Texas town. Actually, the "sign" was a cross, with a sign on it, that read (among the other "Bill Ted for Sheriff" and "Bobbi Jo for Country Clerk"):

Jesus - For Lord
Then, earlier in the summer, I saw a billboard in northern Oklahoma off of I-35 - yes, a LARGE billboard - and I could shoot myself for not writing it down exactly, but it read something like this (amidst a beautiful sailboat/lake illustration):
Ready to Go Boating?
Set Sail with Jesus!
And yesterday, right here in my (rather liberal) hometown, on the Missionary Outreach Center sign was the following:
This day is brought to you by Jesus.
I'll continue to post, and look forward to hearing from my friends, any particularly spectacular BS you might see in the future.

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  1. I used to have a collection of these written down, along with my Christian Tract Collection, which included one for children that explained the plan of salvation by drawing parallels to Pokémon. Alas, I'm not sure what has become of either collection, but here are a few of my favorites that I committed to memory.

    It Took Noah forty years to build the Arc. It took one night to sink the Titanic.

    Yeah, aside from the fact that's its scripturally inaccurate, I have no idea what it means either.
    But I love it. Then there was:

    We are called to feed the sheep, not to pet them.

    This was probably put up for True Love Waits weekend. And then there was the very poingnant:

    You can't choose your relatives.

    That one was on a Church of Christ Marquee in Kerrville. Kerrville was a cornucopia of BS spirituality because there waw a Church of Christ and a First Christian Church that had waring marquees; always trying to outdo each other. They were so good, in fact, that one year Amy and I went to a Halloween party as the marquees.

    Unbelievably we didn't win best costume. Cowards.